Nelson Rodrigues of IberCup: Spartak Tashkent is the first team that came from Uzbekistan

Nelson Rodrigues of IberCup: Spartak Tashkent is the first team that came from Uzbekistan

Spartak Tashkent B13 team took part in Portuguese IberCup this year. Igor Arslanov met Nelson Rodrigues, one of the directors of the tournament, and talked to him exclusively for our club’s website. 

Hello, Nelson. How would you describe IberCup for those who haven’t participated in it yet? What tournament it is?

Well, first of all, it’s a football tournament, that combines various different teams from 5 points of the world. We try to give best experience for this kids. Among with the competition we try them to establish intercultural relations with other teams. And of course, we want this tournament to give this kids a dream to compete and become professional players. We know that being one of the biggest tournament in the world we gather many players from different areas of the world. And I think this is the richest thing that we have. Tournament takes place in Estoril, located nearby Lisbon. With all the facilities that we have, I think, it’s also a great advantage to come here and participate. We are a very hospitality country, Portuguese are very hospitality people. So, I think, we have a great tournament here. 

This year was the first for our country to participate in IberCup and for our club. What do you think about our boys? Do you want us to come to Portugal or another country to participate?

We are very happy to have your team in our tournament. Years past and we still have new countries! It’s very great for us. Your team Spartak Tashkent was the first one that came from Uzbekistan. Of course, we want you to come back! I think, next year you should try our tournament that we have in Spain. It’s also a very nice place. As well as the competition, the weather and the facilities. 

This year we played in play off B, but we really enjoyed games against teams from Portugal, Spain, Brazil. What do you think about our chances in play off A next year?

You know, Igor, we always don’t know the exact teams that are coming next year. And it depends on a group and playoffs that your team will play. I don’t know if you come with the strong team again… But to be honest, in Estoril anything can happen.

Me and Sergey Arslanov really enjoyed leaders match. It was very interesting to play with coaches from Portugal, Brazil, Spain and other countries. A crowd of kids and other people at the stadium, the atmosphere was similar to Champions League match. It was tough, but our team remained unbeaten. Do you have the same events on all your tournaments?

Yes, my friend. We always try to give the best experience to all the participants. And of course, the coaches are part of the team. And for us to give that multicultural experience to the coaches is also very important. Every coach from Brazil, from Unites States, from Uzbekistan, from Australia can contact with each other, improve the knowledge that they have already. And yes, we always try to organize the Leaders Match in all our tournaments. The feedback is always very positive. So we want to keep doing this kind of event. 

What plans do you have for the next year?

Well. Our plan for 2020 is to keep growing with number of teams, number of tournaments. For 2020 we are adding another tournament – Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This market is growing very fast. Also hopefully we will have more teams in our European tournaments and also in Brazil as well. But the goal is to keep the quality of our tournaments. And I hope in 2020 it will be the equal or even better than in 2019. 

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