Jeff Wu: “Spartak can compete with top teams in Asia”

Jeff Wu: “Spartak can compete with top teams in Asia”

Jeff Wu, the boss of Gothia Cup China and one of the organizers of the elite tournament in China, gave an exclusive interview to our website.

Thank you for inviting us to this interesting tournament. Let’s talk about it. As we know, in this tournament took part 400 players, 21 teams from 17 countries, including Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Vietnam, Sweden, Australia. What was the purpose for it?

We held this international tournament in order to popularize the county of Qingzhong. We wanted to show the football of this region to the world. We wanted our guests to feel the local hospitality, get acquainted with the culture and admire the sights.

Do you plan to expand the number of participants in the tournament? What countries do you think to invite next year?

I am not sure whether we will hold the tournament next year. It was the first time for Qingzhong to host an international competition. Now the decision depends on the government. We hope to continue. And we plan to invite even stronger teams from Europe, Africa and Latin America.

What do you think about the performance of our team? Are we competitive enough at such a serious international level?

Spartak rank No 4 among all the 11 teams. They can compete with top Asian teams.

What do you think we have to improve?


Our team took fourth place at the elite tournament in China. Earlier this day Spartak played beach football with the tournament organizers.

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