Swedish sports entrepreneur, founder and general secretary of the Gothia Cup, the world’s largest international youth football tournament

Dennis Andersson

You know, football is life. To be successful in football you need to do the same things to be successful in life. You need to be focused, to be engaged, to have knowledge of what you’re doing and to practice. I think, one thing that is also important is to learn how to lose, to learn how to make mistakes and to not be afraid to make mistakes. And that is on a football field as well as in life. Make mistakes – that’s the way to succeed.

Motivation? In my job with Gothia Cup the mission that I had to do something, to make a world a bit better, to make an effort. In my case it was to have the world coming together in Gothenburg. And that is still my goal and my spirit. That is what I want to achieve every day.

So, that’s why I came to Uzbekistan, to see the way you are living here and to meet people here. The world is getting more and more global and that is so important that you learn more about modern world. You have to have an open mind and then you will enjoy the life!

деннис андрессон давай к цели


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The “Gain The Aim” project of Spartak Tashkent football club is an international action designed to unite football leaders from around the world with a single goal: to inspire young athletes with their success how not to stop and move forward to the dream.

The path of each athlete is very complicated and long, and no one can succeed without proper motivation, perseverance and work. Coaches, football players, leaders from different countries tell their stories and give tips on how not to give up.

So, get up and gain the aim!

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