Club history

Children’s football club “Spartak” was founded in 2008. During 10 years a large work has been done. Firstly our club involved nearly 20 people, that was enough for the structure of one age category however was very little to participate in Tashkent championship. But despite it, we didn’t stand still.

And tried to find ways to declare our club as perspective team. The result hasn’t kept waiting long for, and in a year, our club contained four age categories, as well as this in 2010 we played as independent children’s football club, under the name Spartak, with official club colors, representing all seven age categories in the championship.

​Today our school includes about six hundred people who represent 12 age categories and 15 licensed experts with the license "C" and license "Pro".


As for our senior team, it is submitted by our graduates in the second professional division, but we send the most gifted to the first and highest league of our country. In each age category we have several players of youth teams, in addition, our trainer’s structure is presented by three coaches of national teams, participants of Asia championship and even the World Cup. The most important is that for the last several years our team has won a huge respect on the international scene that positively affects on the image of our club, all know us as good, well-mannered, perspective and the most significant “pure” children (the age qualification).

Each child represents correct age category. This is the policy of our club.

As for the international experience, here we have a great number of performances on the international tournaments, and also the improbable number of matches with clubs such, as: The Locomotive (Moscow), Anzhi (Makhachkala), F. K. Krasnodar (Russia), F. K. Rostov (Russia), BATE (Belarus), Ordabassa (Kazakhstan), Abdysh-Ot (Kyrgyzstan) and many others, and also training of our football players in such clubs as: Spartak (Moscow) and Dynamo (Kiev).

Our children are capable to compete with many European and Asian grandees.

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